PPM Fisteladapter

Wound Product fistula management with open abdominal therapy

A new therapeutic option – PPM-Fisteladapter™. 


Introduction of negative pressure wound therapy has improved open abdomen treatment in many ways. Unfortunately handling of intestinal fistulae remains a serious problem. Suction, applied via sponge to the wound surface, often leads to enlargement of the fistula or elevation of the mucosa. Additionally, viscous stool might obstruct the sponge. This results in separation of sponge and wound surface. The suction becomes insufficient and may lead to contamination or infection of the wound.


Several drain-out systems using negative pressure wound therapy have been published. Unfortunately none of them is reliable. Individual, time-consuming modifications are necessary in most cases.


For treatment of deep fistulae, a 6 cm high adapter with an inner diameter of 1.5cm is now available. For fixation two super-imposed sponges are used. For management of large sole fistulae or multiple small fistulae being close to each other an adapter of 3 cm height and an inner diameter of 4.5 cm can be used. Due to its flexibility it might be fixed in an oval shape.


DH-Care sells the PPM-Fisteladapter as a brand name of Phametra.  For more detailed information and references go to the official website of Phametra. 

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